How to Realistically Add Your Planner to Your Daily Routine

A daily routine is a great way to focus your mind on the tasks for the day ahead, feel like you actually have more time in your day, and set yourself up for the kind of productivity that puts a smile on your face at the end of a day well spent. If you’re considering incorporating a planner into your daily routine why not make the planning itself a habit and pin down a time frame in your day that you’ll regularly setup and review your planner?
How to realistically add a planner to your daily routine.

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Make it Fit into Your Lifestyle

Be realistic about using your planner daily. You might like the idea of a morning planner and journal session, but if you already struggle getting to work on time, this isn’t realistic. Instead, think of a time during the day when you do have a spare minute, or where you can move things around in your current routine. You know your life best, so work with your current lifestyle and schedule.

Create a Regular Routine

Start by figuring out your daily routine and how to add using your planner into that routine. Do you find that you sit at your kitchen table in the morning with a cup of coffee, and have a few minutes of quiet time? If so, this is a great time to start a daily routine where you write in the planner, and maybe your journal as well. For others, they prefer it to be during their lunch break at work, or maybe in the evening before bed to mentally prepare for the next day. There are no rules here but consistency is a giant part of successfully using a planner to make your life easier.

Why Be Consistent

You need to stay consistent in your planning sessions in order to feel confident that you’re keeping up with your planner. That way you can reap the benefits you hoped to get from starting the planner in the first place! This is why creating a daily routine with using the planner is so vital. It adds it to your schedule, where you know what to expect, and won’t keep putting it off for the “right time”. Think of it like any other part of your routine, like taking a shower or cooking a meal. Write in your planner around the same time every day, and it easily becomes a daily routine.

Keep it Simple

This probably isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time you hear this advice – keep it simple! If you’re  just starting your own planner and struggling to use it every day, don’t bother trying to turn it into an ordeal. You don’t need a bullet journal or a planner with 500 pages just to be effective. Have 5-10 pages to start with, then when those pages fill up or you get new ideas, gradually add in more to your planner.


Use a Planner You Love

Using a planner you absolutely love and that works best for your lifestyle will encourage you to use it. You’ll be excited about opening it up every day:) One more thing to note – when you’re just starting out with a new planner routine it’s best to use just one planner for everything. This avoids any confusion with different planners all needing to be used each day and will help you build possibly one of the best habits of your life – regularly planning to live your best days!

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