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Which planner is right for you?

Different Types of Planners – Which is Best for You?

In the world of planners, there seems to be an endless amount of choices. Even just the specific types of planners don’t have just one option. All this choice is wonderful when you’re looking for a planner that will meet your specific needs and mesh with your personality. Unfortunately all the choices can also prove to be so overwhelming that you put off choosing a planner and never get to actually enjoy all the great benefits of using one! If you’re a little stuck with how to begin, take a look at this overview of different types of planners that are available.

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ultimate time saving home organization tips

Ultimate Time Saving Home Organization Tips

Could you use a little help quickly getting your home organized? Whether you work from home, juggle career and family, share co-parenting responsibilities, or just want to find the time to pursue loftier aspirations than cleaning toilets…getting your home organized in record time will help you enjoy the benefits of a tidy home while not making it your sole occupation to keep it clean. Let’s face it, we’re all looking to simplify and streamline our lives so there’s more time for the things we enjoy doing most!

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Hacks to help you get your picky eaters to eat a healthier diet.

How to Start Clean Eating for Beginners and Families

Are you a complete newbie to the concept of clean eating, or wonder how you could possibly make that work for a family that includes picky eaters and lovers of all things made with sugar? I’ve compiled some beginner clean eating tips and recipe ideas to help you decide if it’s something you and your family want to try. I’ve even included a don’t miss funny video on the subject of clean eating from a child’s point of view!

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Organize a small laundry room with these tips.

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Do you have a small laundry room that always seems to be a damp dumping ground for everything you don’t want to look at or deal with? Maybe that tiny laundry room is actually just an afterthought of a closet that your washer and dryer are wedged into. Well hopefully I can offer you some tips and ideas to makeover that space into a practical, well functional area with a little charm to make your laundry days easier and more enjoyable.

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Kitchen design ideas that work for small spaces.

Minimalist Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

Want some inspiration for decorating a small kitchen with a fresh modern minimal decor that still retains the cozy factor of a well lived in space? If you’re short on space and craving a clean open look these primarily white kitchens are a minimalists dream and offer some inspiration that you can easily incorporate into your own kitchen, even without a full remodel.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

This space is supposed to be used to present myself as an  “authority” of something I think YOU will find impressive, but that’s just not my style;) Instead I’ll say that technically, on good days, I’m an educator, blogger, and designer – and on ALL days I’m a mom.

This blog is a place where I hope you’ll find helpful & interesting “Mom Life” content- which as it turns out is about ALMOST anything and everything.