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Morning routine hacks for your busy family.

Fast Morning Routine Hacks for Your Busy Family

Do you dread the busy mornings, when everyone trips over each other in the kitchen and bathroom and it’s an ongoing struggle to get coffee made, kids dressed and fed, and grown-ups showered and packed up in time for work? Are backpacks often misplaced, buses missed, and people generally annoyed and disheveled? Help is on the way with these simple solutions for streamlining your family’s morning routine.

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What are the Real Benefits of Eating Together as a Family?

Eating meals together as a family can be very important to the well-being of the entire family. The whole family can be healthier, happier, and more united from regular, mostly relaxed family meals. Children may do better in school, and parents can feel more supported in their roles as joint caregivers. The benefits of sharing regular family meals together can be hard to pinpoint, especially when you’re in the middle of a toddler meltdown while trying to listening to your oldest complain about being bullied at school earlier that day. There can be a LOT going on during a family meal that makes you want to hide out in the laundry room with your very own “no it’s not for sharing” takeout container and enjoy your meal in peace! That’s just being real. But still there are real benefits of eating together that make it worth putting in the effort to make them happen “most of the time”.

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Hacks to help you get your picky eaters to eat a healthier diet.

How to Start Clean Eating for Beginners and Families

Are you a complete newbie to the concept of clean eating, or wonder how you could possibly make that work for a family that includes picky eaters and lovers of all things made with sugar? I’ve compiled some beginner clean eating tips and recipe ideas to help you decide if it’s something you and your family want to try. I’ve even included a don’t miss funny video on the subject of clean eating from a child’s point of view!

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Cute craft projects that are easy for kids to make.

Super Simple Rainy Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Are your kids complaining of being bored? Are you short on patience? Hmm, maybe they go hand in hand? Whatever the case may be, there are times when you just need super simple rainy day craft project ideas for your kids to engage in some focused fun that doesn’t require much effort on your part.

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indoor craft supplies for kids

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

Kids generally love to craft and create, but they also want to be able to make something they’re genuinely proud of. Offering children craft projects that they can be successful at fuels their confidence and leads to more creativity. Creativity is a type of problem solving – and who doesn’t need more of that in their life?!

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I’m so glad you’re here!

This space is supposed to be used to present myself as an  “authority” of something I think YOU will find impressive, but that’s just not my style;) Instead I’ll say that technically, on good days, I’m an educator, blogger, and designer – and on ALL days I’m a mom.

This blog is a place where I hope you’ll find helpful & interesting “Mom Life” content- which as it turns out is about ALMOST anything and everything.

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